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I honour this new day and the magic it will surely bring!

Do you struggle to find a good balance in your life? The demands of parenting, work, chores, finances and just needing to be a proper grown up can mean that our inner work, spiritual practices and activities that make our heart sing can end up taking a back seat. I feel it is so important to find some magic in each day.

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It is important to make time for ourselves, time to breathe, time to walk, to read, have a soak in the tub, journal, dance, run, sing. Any activity that brings you back to you. Makes your heart sing. For me escaping the house and connecting with nature is where I am able to become centred and still.

When life gets overwhelming, my thoughts are all over the place and the walls are closing in, I take myself off to the woods. I need to be where I can look up. Where I can see life from a different perspective. The day to day responsibilities fall away as I breathe in the clean air of the wood, lean against a tree, listen to the birds and feel the gentle breeze on my exposed skin.

My last visit to the woods a couple of days ago, was on a cold and sleety morning. I had had a difficult couple of days juggling everything. I needed to clear my head, breathe. It was a bitterly cold day, the wind was biting. And I welcomed it, for the biting wind brought a welcome numbness, not only to my face, fingers, nose, but also to my thoughts and feelings, anything left exposed.

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Have a lovely Sunday,

Priestess of the Woods.



Welcome October! The month has arrived in a blaze of autumnal colour. I can hear the sounds created by gusty winds and rain from the cosiness of my bed. My wind chimes are making wonderful, sparkly, excited sounds, the rain is tip tapping on my window pane and the trees are whispering loudly to their friends and neighbours.

I love the shorter days and cosy nights. Warming foods and hot drinks. Woodland walks and piles of leaves. Big jumpers and knitted hats. Crisp sunny days and bright, moonlit nights. Roaring fires and thick blankets. Curling up with a good book.IMG_20170928_195040.jpg

The Awakening…

You watched me fall,


To the ground,

Curled up tight.

But wait a while,

I am slowly stirring

And soon I will rise.

I am buried down deep,

In the Dark.

Curled up tight,

But look closely,

For I AM awakening.

And starting to rise.

I am reaching for the light,

I sense It’s warmth

On  my skin.

Now you see me,

For I AM alive,

and I will continue to  rise.


Love and magic to you all.

I send you bright blessings for October.

Mabon Blessings.

Happy Mabon!

The Autumn Equinox is my favourite time of year. There is a wonderful energy around, day and night are equal, it is a time of gratitude and abundance, of light and dark, of male and female, of balance. It is time to honor the waning power of the sun and to welcome the darkness of winter when Lady Gaia, the earth mother, rests. This feminine darkness holds us, soothes us and is a sacred and safe space if we allow ourselves to fully embrace it. The coming months are for going inward, to acknowledge the power and wisdom that lies deep within us.

So, let us take time to relax, reflect and honor the earth as she sleeps, gathering energy, ready to awaken, renewed, in spring.Image may contain: 2 people

Mabon is a wonderful time to practice gratitude, to connect with a Goddess that calls you, or to create affirmations or cast spells for protection, prosperity and wisdom. It is the time to go within. To explore our own deep knowing and power. Walk outdoors, amongst the trees, admire their ever changing beauty as they prepare to let go. Absorb the wonderful colors of autumn into your very being, allow the earthy browns, deep reds and golden orange and yellows to ground you and bring an energy of warmth and joy into your body and soul. Look for the gifts Mother nature offers us as the seasons change. Apples, pears and plums for baking into pies, elderberries and rosehips for cordial and winter tonics. Pine cones, acorns, twigs. If you are gifted something accept it with gratitude and place it somewhere where the sight of it will light you up.

Yesterday I was gifted this beautiful triple conker from my horse chestnut tree. Isn’t  it beautiful?


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I have created an Altar dedicated to the Equinox. I love it. It makes me happy and thankful whenever I see it. Create one yourself if you feel drawn to. It can be as simple as an apple, a leaf and a candle on the corner of a shelf or the whole corner of of a room filled with things that make you feel abundant and grateful. Anything goes with an altar but I always include something gifted from nature. I have conkers and apples from the trees in my garden and a lovely rose shaped pine cone from a cedar tree. Have fun. Involve the kids. Find acorns. Leaves. Twigs. Celebrate the harvests. 

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A poem for Mabon.

A leaf,

Floating on the breeze,

Is but a whisper to the living,

A gentle distraction,

to those people,

Passing by.


A leaf,

Falling softly on the cobbles,

By my feet,

Makes me stop.

Appreciate its delicate beauty,

Borne of letting go….

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Mabon Magic and Bright Blessings to you all.

Barefoot Blessings.Image may contain: one or more people, tree, plant, outdoor, nature and water
I send out blessings every day. It is something I just do without thinking nowadays. That is where my mind goes when I am relaxed. I bless my feet as they walk on the earth. I bless my eyes that I may look with wonder at what is before me. I bless people, animals, situations and things. Don’t underestimate the power of blessings. Anything we send out we get back. So if we consciously send out blessings the person on the receiving end will be touched at some level and it boomerangs back to us in one way or another. If you hold up your hand as you say a blessing(silently or out loud) you can visualize light or energy traveling from you to the person, place or situation.Image may contain: one or more people, outdoor, nature and water

Bless family, friends and loved ones with love, health or abundance.
Bless your home with peace, harmony or laughter.
Bless your body with light, health or love.
Bless places/situations of hostility with peace.
Bless the planet with Light.

You can use blessings as affirmations to raise the energy of a situation and encourage an attitude of gratitude.

I am blessed to have a healthy body and a spirit that shines.
I am blessed to live in a beautiful home.
I am blessed with abundance each and every day.
I am blessed beyond my fondest dreams.
I am blessed with Love and magic.

I use blessings every day. I often say something like- I ask that each person I come into contact with today or communicate with today, receive a divine blessing.Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, tree, outdoor and nature

When I walk in the woods I send blessings to the trees. I bless them with love and appreciation. I bless the birds, flowers, the earth, animals, the water,the air. I bless the river and ask that love goes wherever it flows. I bless the elementals in the woodland too. All creatures great and small deserve my love and blessings.

I always bless any food I prepare with love and magic. I really believe it makes a difference. When baking a cake or preparing a meal I focus on love and magic as I chop, mix or stir.
‘I bless this meal/ cake/ smoothie with love and magic. I ask that the food sustain my physical body and the blessing light up my spiritual body.’Image may contain: food

May the Divine in me bless you.
May I receive blessings from the Divine in you. 🙌💗



The Magic and wisdom of trees

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Tree hugging is a wonderful way to open the heart and develop a deep connection to these wise and sentient beings. Every tree will offer slightly different guidance and support and it will help to tune in to the individual tree to hear the wisdom it has for you. Always approach trees with an open heart and with respect and ask permission to enter their space, I usually say something like- ‘I send you love and gratitude for all that you do. I honour your wisdom and magic’
So, some examples of tree energy from my own experiences;

The mighty oak tree can offer strength and wisdom and supports our growth. ‘From little acorns mighty oaks do grow’ sit under one or wrap your arms around one if you are facing challenges and absorb it’s strength and wisdom.🌳Image may contain: tree, sky, cloud, outdoor and nature

The beautiful Willow tree encourages us to really feel. To honor and heal our emotions. They offer a safe space to allow our fears and hurts to float to the surface. They encourage movement in order to flush out stagnant emotions and allow energies to flow clear and sparkling like a babbling brook. They sing a special song direct to the heart of each individual.🏞

All evergreen trees offer purification and so work to purify our aura. If you feel irritable and tired or weary connect to a fir tree. A forest of pine trees is truly majestic and magical. The energy is extremely high and other worldly. You will always leave such a place clearer, brighter and with peace in your heart. Look for a gift of a pine cone for your altar and accept it with thanks.🌲🌲🌲

Scruffy little hawthorn trees have have a wonderful magic and protective energy. They’re often seen marking out boundaries in fields and hedgerows. They send out energies of fertility, new beginnings,fun and celebration and are wonderful heart healers, the berries make a powerful tonic for this reason. 🍃

Fruit trees and horse chestnut trees are trees of abundance and fun. Connect with with one if if you wish to be showered with more fun and blessings. The blossom fruit trees decorate themselves with each spring is pretty and sweet and the fruit in late summer even sweeter. Conker trees offer non edible fruit that has a prickly outer case that when open reveals and soft silky home for the bright shiny conker. A reminder that a spikey, prickly person my be protecting a shiny and beautiful heart! Scrumping for apples and collecting conkers on a bright autumnal day is a delight for children and adults alike. Take their freely offered gifts with gratitude. They literally shower us with blessings. 

And finally, for today at least, the Elder. My personal favorite. She has magic to share and secrets to tell. She carries the wisdom of the crone aspect of the goddess. If every woman develops a strong and loving lifelong connection to an Elder, she will radiate energy of the wise woman, magic and magnificence, power and protection. Elder is Fiercely protective of those who are vulnerable or being affected by the negative thoughts and energies of others. She demands respect and as soon as she has it she will willingly share her magic with you. Approach the Elder if you wish to connect to all the women who have gone before us. The witches and healers, the maiden and the enchantress, the mother and the crone.🌿🔮Image may contain: plant, outdoor and nature

First blog post

So…I seem to have set up a blog. I am not quite sure how it works yet but i’m sure i’ll find my way soon enough. I will keep this short and sweet, a’ Who am I and why am I blogging’ type post.

I am a mother and a student with a deep connection to nature. I am a lover of ritual and magic, especially rituals outdoors and harnessing the power of the elements and elementals with nature magic. For many years now it has been necessary and highly beneficial for my health and well-being to spend time in nature on a regular basis.

I have been on a transformational  healing journey for over 18 years and have integrated personal and spiritual healing practices with the healing power of Mother Nature,ritual and magic. A powerful combination and one which has enabled me to live my truth and step into my magnificence, creating a beautiful life as I go.

Whenever I go on my barefoot wanderings I take my journal with me and I sit against a tree or with my feet in the river and I write. Beautiful places hold a high energy, the veils between worlds are thin and can even be non existent in places that vibrate at a very high frequency. I approach such places with reverence and respect, an open heart and an open mind, then I allow the words to flow. The words flow onto the paper beautifully and poetically and contain a magic, a light and wisdom that fills my heart and mind with joy.

This blog is a place for me to share my musings from my time spent in nature. I want to write about my wanderings and the golden nuggets of wisdom and truth that drop into my mind when i’m open to the higher truths that the natural world offers. I want to share the beauty, magic and love that is there, ready for those with open hearts and a childlike sense of wonder to absorb into their very being.

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