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I honour this new day and the magic it will surely bring!

Do you struggle to find a good balance in your life? The demands of parenting, work, chores, finances and just needing to be a proper grown up can mean that our inner work, spiritual practices and activities that make our heart sing can end up taking a back seat. I feel it is so important to find some magic in each day.

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It is important to make time for ourselves, time to breathe, time to walk, to read, have a soak in the tub, journal, dance, run, sing. Any activity that brings you back to you. Makes your heart sing. For me escaping the house and connecting with nature is where I am able to become centred and still.

When life gets overwhelming, my thoughts are all over the place and the walls are closing in, I take myself off to the woods. I need to be where I can look up. Where I can see life from a different perspective. The day to day responsibilities fall away as I breathe in the clean air of the wood, lean against a tree, listen to the birds and feel the gentle breeze on my exposed skin.

My last visit to the woods a couple of days ago, was on a cold and sleety morning. I had had a difficult couple of days juggling everything. I needed to clear my head, breathe. It was a bitterly cold day, the wind was biting. And I welcomed it, for the biting wind brought a welcome numbness, not only to my face, fingers, nose, but also to my thoughts and feelings, anything left exposed.

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Have a lovely Sunday,

Priestess of the Woods.


A little Nature Magic.

Nature magic.

For years now I’ve practiced what I love to refer to as Nature Magic. Whenever we’re out in nature, be it a beach, forest, wood or even a park, there is so much we can do to send our wishes out to the Universe and receive wonderful signs, symbols and rewards back. If we tune in to Mother Nature regularly our lives become filled with joy and magic. We see through eyes of wonder which in turn keeps us feeling optimistic and positive.IMG_20170924_102923.jpg

Children love this kind of magic and adding their energy to our dreams and wishes is very special. Here are some nature magic ideas you might like to try, I do them with or without my children on a regular basis.

Make a nature picture or mandala using twigs, leaves, rocks, seeds. Whatever you can find. Focus on a goal or dream or make a wish as you’re creating then when you leave, offer it as a gift to the Goddess/nature spirits/elementals.IMG_20170929_144227.jpg

Whenever you find a feather, make a wish or state an intention and blow it away, visualising a magic golden energy around it and you. (We also do this with what are known in Lancashire as sugar stealers)

Catch a falling leaf. Hold to your heart. Make a wish. Float it down the river or place it somewhere special.IMG_20171001_201106.jpg

For releasing negative energy. Stand by a river, lake or sea. Gather a pile of rocks or pebbles. Throw each one, with force, into the water stating what you wish to let go of. ‘ I release all anger’ ‘I release all fear’ ‘ I let go of all limiting beliefs’ Anything you want to be free of. You can spend 5 minutes or an hour doing this depending on your mood. It’s very powerful.20171002_145544.jpg

Hug a special tree or sit under it and whisper to it your hopes and fears, dreams and visions. Then still your mind and wait to see if it offers any guidance.

A lovely one for children(and adults) this time of year is to pick a piece of fruit hold it in your hand and say ‘May I be blessed with….a surprise/a gift/something special.’ Then eat it and say thank you.❤ FB_IMG_1507101252682.jpg


Welcome October! The month has arrived in a blaze of autumnal colour. I can hear the sounds created by gusty winds and rain from the cosiness of my bed. My wind chimes are making wonderful, sparkly, excited sounds, the rain is tip tapping on my window pane and the trees are whispering loudly to their friends and neighbours.

I love the shorter days and cosy nights. Warming foods and hot drinks. Woodland walks and piles of leaves. Big jumpers and knitted hats. Crisp sunny days and bright, moonlit nights. Roaring fires and thick blankets. Curling up with a good book.IMG_20170928_195040.jpg

The Awakening…

You watched me fall,


To the ground,

Curled up tight.

But wait a while,

I am slowly stirring

And soon I will rise.

I am buried down deep,

In the Dark.

Curled up tight,

But look closely,

For I AM awakening.

And starting to rise.

I am reaching for the light,

I sense It’s warmth

On  my skin.

Now you see me,

For I AM alive,

and I will continue to  rise.


Love and magic to you all.

I send you bright blessings for October.

Mabon Blessings.

Happy Mabon!

The Autumn Equinox is my favourite time of year. There is a wonderful energy around, day and night are equal, it is a time of gratitude and abundance, of light and dark, of male and female, of balance. It is time to honor the waning power of the sun and to welcome the darkness of winter when Lady Gaia, the earth mother, rests. This feminine darkness holds us, soothes us and is a sacred and safe space if we allow ourselves to fully embrace it. The coming months are for going inward, to acknowledge the power and wisdom that lies deep within us.

So, let us take time to relax, reflect and honor the earth as she sleeps, gathering energy, ready to awaken, renewed, in spring.Image may contain: 2 people

Mabon is a wonderful time to practice gratitude, to connect with a Goddess that calls you, or to create affirmations or cast spells for protection, prosperity and wisdom. It is the time to go within. To explore our own deep knowing and power. Walk outdoors, amongst the trees, admire their ever changing beauty as they prepare to let go. Absorb the wonderful colors of autumn into your very being, allow the earthy browns, deep reds and golden orange and yellows to ground you and bring an energy of warmth and joy into your body and soul. Look for the gifts Mother nature offers us as the seasons change. Apples, pears and plums for baking into pies, elderberries and rosehips for cordial and winter tonics. Pine cones, acorns, twigs. If you are gifted something accept it with gratitude and place it somewhere where the sight of it will light you up.

Yesterday I was gifted this beautiful triple conker from my horse chestnut tree. Isn’t  it beautiful?


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I have created an Altar dedicated to the Equinox. I love it. It makes me happy and thankful whenever I see it. Create one yourself if you feel drawn to. It can be as simple as an apple, a leaf and a candle on the corner of a shelf or the whole corner of of a room filled with things that make you feel abundant and grateful. Anything goes with an altar but I always include something gifted from nature. I have conkers and apples from the trees in my garden and a lovely rose shaped pine cone from a cedar tree. Have fun. Involve the kids. Find acorns. Leaves. Twigs. Celebrate the harvests. 

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A poem for Mabon.

A leaf,

Floating on the breeze,

Is but a whisper to the living,

A gentle distraction,

to those people,

Passing by.


A leaf,

Falling softly on the cobbles,

By my feet,

Makes me stop.

Appreciate its delicate beauty,

Borne of letting go….

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Mabon Magic and Bright Blessings to you all.

Barefoot musings.👣

via Daily Prompt: Continue

A barefoot walk into the wood takes me down several paths and I may even stray off the beaten track at times, going ever deeper into the ancient woodland to hide amongst the trees. Today I see a huge muddy puddle ahead of me. A muddle? Thick, dark mud. Can I continue this way or must I find an alternative route?IMG_20170901_152616.jpg

I continue. Of course I do. The cool mud seeps between my toes and the icy coldness makes me gasp and do a little dance, hopping from one foot to the other. I decide the best course of action is to fully embrace the mud and walk the few steps through it confidently but oh so quickly! There. I did it! My feet are filthy but I faced the oozy mud and so can continue with my walk, albeit with filthy feet!

Oh, but I can hear a lovely sound from up ahead. The delightful sound of running water. Within seconds, I stumble upon a beautiful, clear stream, trickling into the river! How wonderful! I step into the icy water and let it wash away the dirt, full of gratitude and joy.

Oh the magic of mother nature. A lesson. A reminder not to worry or be afraid if we are faced with a big mud patch for the means to purify our self and wash away the dirt after such an experience will never be too far away…


Honoring the beauty, finding the magic.

Autumn is my most favorite season. September, my most favorite month. These bright, chilly mornings have such a special energy, there is a stillness and magic in the air, the birds are singing loudly and the garden sparkles with dewdrops as if the fairies have scattered tiny diamonds everywhere. For me, rising early on mornings like this, listening to the secrets the dawn has to share, is a wonderful way to start the day. Image may contain: tree, sky, outdoor and nature


So, on this beautiful September morn I unexpectedly created a blog. I intend to offer musings on my own spiritual journey, my magical relationship with Mother Nature, my deep appreciation of her beauty and magnificence and share the teachings and magic she offers to all those who connect to her with open hearts and open minds. It is my belief that those who truly honor and appreciate the earths magic and beauty will also recognize and honor the magic and beauty within themselves and others, and by doing so, step into their magnificence and walk a golden path to abundance and self mastery, healing, growing and shining ever brighter along the way.Image may contain: grass, plant, outdoor and nature

In order to walk a golden path we need to live with an open heart and an open mind. Spending time in nature is a wonderful way to heal and open both heart and mind. We can then look with wonder at that which is before us and see magic and beauty everywhere.  An open heart absorbs love, beauty and magic and radiates it back out into the universe and the more we give out the more we get back. It is delightfully simple. A circle of light, perfectly balanced, flowing into the heart and back out to the world in perfect harmony. An open mind absorbs wisdom,guidance and higher knowledge, into our mind they drop, like golden seeds, into our crown center, ready to take root and blossom when the time is right. We can then share these higher truths with others  from a place of love and pure intent.Image may contain: plant, flower, outdoor and nature

I hope to share with you the magic, wisdom and knowledge that has been revealed to me on my own journey to living with an open heart and an open mind. The hidden messages in nature, that when uncovered and used alongside other spiritual practices, encourage us to create our own magic, guide us to self mastery and enable us manifest a beautiful life.

Honor the beauty. Find the magic. Shine!