I honour this new day and the magic it will surely bring!

Do you struggle to find a good balance in your life? The demands of parenting, work, chores, finances and just needing to be a proper grown up can mean that our inner work, spiritual practices and activities that make our heart sing can end up taking a back seat. I feel it is so important to find some magic in each day.

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It is important to make time for ourselves, time to breathe, time to walk, to read, have a soak in the tub, journal, dance, run, sing. Any activity that brings you back to you. Makes your heart sing. For me escaping the house and connecting with nature is where I am able to become centred and still.

When life gets overwhelming, my thoughts are all over the place and the walls are closing in, I take myself off to the woods. I need to be where I can look up. Where I can see life from a different perspective. The day to day responsibilities fall away as I breathe in the clean air of the wood, lean against a tree, listen to the birds and feel the gentle breeze on my exposed skin.

My last visit to the woods a couple of days ago, was on a cold and sleety morning. I had had a difficult couple of days juggling everything. I needed to clear my head, breathe. It was a bitterly cold day, the wind was biting. And I welcomed it, for the biting wind brought a welcome numbness, not only to my face, fingers, nose, but also to my thoughts and feelings, anything left exposed.

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Have a lovely Sunday,

Priestess of the Woods.


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