The Magic and wisdom of trees

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Tree hugging is a wonderful way to open the heart and develop a deep connection to these wise and sentient beings. Every tree will offer slightly different guidance and support and it will help to tune in to the individual tree to hear the wisdom it has for you. Always approach trees with an open heart and with respect and ask permission to enter their space, I usually say something like- ‘I send you love and gratitude for all that you do. I honour your wisdom and magic’
So, some examples of tree energy from my own experiences;

The mighty oak tree can offer strength and wisdom and supports our growth. ‘From little acorns mighty oaks do grow’ sit under one or wrap your arms around one if you are facing challenges and absorb it’s strength and wisdom.🌳Image may contain: tree, sky, cloud, outdoor and nature

The beautiful Willow tree encourages us to really feel. To honor and heal our emotions. They offer a safe space to allow our fears and hurts to float to the surface. They encourage movement in order to flush out stagnant emotions and allow energies to flow clear and sparkling like a babbling brook. They sing a special song direct to the heart of each individual.🏞

All evergreen trees offer purification and so work to purify our aura. If you feel irritable and tired or weary connect to a fir tree. A forest of pine trees is truly majestic and magical. The energy is extremely high and other worldly. You will always leave such a place clearer, brighter and with peace in your heart. Look for a gift of a pine cone for your altar and accept it with thanks.🌲🌲🌲

Scruffy little hawthorn trees have have a wonderful magic and protective energy. They’re often seen marking out boundaries in fields and hedgerows. They send out energies of fertility, new beginnings,fun and celebration and are wonderful heart healers, the berries make a powerful tonic for this reason. 🍃

Fruit trees and horse chestnut trees are trees of abundance and fun. Connect with with one if if you wish to be showered with more fun and blessings. The blossom fruit trees decorate themselves with each spring is pretty and sweet and the fruit in late summer even sweeter. Conker trees offer non edible fruit that has a prickly outer case that when open reveals and soft silky home for the bright shiny conker. A reminder that a spikey, prickly person my be protecting a shiny and beautiful heart! Scrumping for apples and collecting conkers on a bright autumnal day is a delight for children and adults alike. Take their freely offered gifts with gratitude. They literally shower us with blessings. 

And finally, for today at least, the Elder. My personal favorite. She has magic to share and secrets to tell. She carries the wisdom of the crone aspect of the goddess. If every woman develops a strong and loving lifelong connection to an Elder, she will radiate energy of the wise woman, magic and magnificence, power and protection. Elder is Fiercely protective of those who are vulnerable or being affected by the negative thoughts and energies of others. She demands respect and as soon as she has it she will willingly share her magic with you. Approach the Elder if you wish to connect to all the women who have gone before us. The witches and healers, the maiden and the enchantress, the mother and the crone.🌿🔮Image may contain: plant, outdoor and nature

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