Honoring the beauty, finding the magic.

Autumn is my most favorite season. September, my most favorite month. These bright, chilly mornings have such a special energy, there is a stillness and magic in the air, the birds are singing loudly and the garden sparkles with dewdrops as if the fairies have scattered tiny diamonds everywhere. For me, rising early on mornings like this, listening to the secrets the dawn has to share, is a wonderful way to start the day. Image may contain: tree, sky, outdoor and nature


So, on this beautiful September morn I unexpectedly created a blog. I intend to offer musings on my own spiritual journey, my magical relationship with Mother Nature, my deep appreciation of her beauty and magnificence and share the teachings and magic she offers to all those who connect to her with open hearts and open minds. It is my belief that those who truly honor and appreciate the earths magic and beauty will also recognize and honor the magic and beauty within themselves and others, and by doing so, step into their magnificence and walk a golden path to abundance and self mastery, healing, growing and shining ever brighter along the way.Image may contain: grass, plant, outdoor and nature

In order to walk a golden path we need to live with an open heart and an open mind. Spending time in nature is a wonderful way to heal and open both heart and mind. We can then look with wonder at that which is before us and see magic and beauty everywhere.  An open heart absorbs love, beauty and magic and radiates it back out into the universe and the more we give out the more we get back. It is delightfully simple. A circle of light, perfectly balanced, flowing into the heart and back out to the world in perfect harmony. An open mind absorbs wisdom,guidance and higher knowledge, into our mind they drop, like golden seeds, into our crown center, ready to take root and blossom when the time is right. We can then share these higher truths with others  from a place of love and pure intent.Image may contain: plant, flower, outdoor and nature

I hope to share with you the magic, wisdom and knowledge that has been revealed to me on my own journey to living with an open heart and an open mind. The hidden messages in nature, that when uncovered and used alongside other spiritual practices, encourage us to create our own magic, guide us to self mastery and enable us manifest a beautiful life.

Honor the beauty. Find the magic. Shine!








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