First blog post

So…I seem to have set up a blog. I am not quite sure how it works yet but i’m sure i’ll find my way soon enough. I will keep this short and sweet, a’ Who am I and why am I blogging’ type post.

I am a mother and a student with a deep connection to nature. I am a lover of ritual and magic, especially rituals outdoors and harnessing the power of the elements and elementals with nature magic. For many years now it has been necessary and highly beneficial for my health and well-being to spend time in nature on a regular basis.

I have been on a transformational  healing journey for over 18 years and have integrated personal and spiritual healing practices with the healing power of Mother Nature,ritual and magic. A powerful combination and one which has enabled me to live my truth and step into my magnificence, creating a beautiful life as I go.

Whenever I go on my barefoot wanderings I take my journal with me and I sit against a tree or with my feet in the river and I write. Beautiful places hold a high energy, the veils between worlds are thin and can even be non existent in places that vibrate at a very high frequency. I approach such places with reverence and respect, an open heart and an open mind, then I allow the words to flow. The words flow onto the paper beautifully and poetically and contain a magic, a light and wisdom that fills my heart and mind with joy.

This blog is a place for me to share my musings from my time spent in nature. I want to write about my wanderings and the golden nuggets of wisdom and truth that drop into my mind when i’m open to the higher truths that the natural world offers. I want to share the beauty, magic and love that is there, ready for those with open hearts and a childlike sense of wonder to absorb into their very being.

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