Barefoot musings.👣

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A barefoot walk into the wood takes me down several paths and I may even stray off the beaten track at times, going ever deeper into the ancient woodland to hide amongst the trees. Today I see a huge muddy puddle ahead of me. A muddle? Thick, dark mud. Can I continue this way or must I find an alternative route?IMG_20170901_152616.jpg

I continue. Of course I do. The cool mud seeps between my toes and the icy coldness makes me gasp and do a little dance, hopping from one foot to the other. I decide the best course of action is to fully embrace the mud and walk the few steps through it confidently but oh so quickly! There. I did it! My feet are filthy but I faced the oozy mud and so can continue with my walk, albeit with filthy feet!

Oh, but I can hear a lovely sound from up ahead. The delightful sound of running water. Within seconds, I stumble upon a beautiful, clear stream, trickling into the river! How wonderful! I step into the icy water and let it wash away the dirt, full of gratitude and joy.

Oh the magic of mother nature. A lesson. A reminder not to worry or be afraid if we are faced with a big mud patch for the means to purify our self and wash away the dirt after such an experience will never be too far away…


One thought on “Barefoot musings.👣

  1. Hi there! Welcome to the world of blogging and thank you for following my blog. Beautiful post here – it’s poetic. Good luck on your blogging journey and sending you light on your journey. 🙂


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